Do you need a Statistician? All quantitative services are now available online!

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Are you busy with quantitative research or in the field of quantitative research? Do you need statistical services? All the statistical services that you need for quantitative research or statistical consulting are now conveniently available in one place!

Book an online consultation: 

Instead of struggling for hours on statistical analyses or interpretation of results just book an hour online session with the Statistician. Sometimes you are experienced in analyses, but just need to do a lot of repetitive analyses then you can be assisted with programming.

The session is done on Zoom so the computer screen can be shared, while analyses are done or interpretation and advice is provided.  You can book an hour consultation online here:

Take an online course:

Instead of spending hours on Youtube to figure out how to do quantitative research when you are busy with the proposal, you can just take the online course on quantitative research design. You follow the courses in your own time.  There are one year and one month access options.

This research design course will guide you through the process of the research design, questionnaire validation, sampling, choosing the correct statistical analyses and distributing the questionnaire online.

The statistical analysis course will guide you through all the steps in the data analysis cycle while showing the application in the statistical package SPSS.

You can access the online courses here:

Arrange a face-to-face workshop(done online now):

Do you have a group of quantitative researchers that need to be trained in any of the aspects of the quantitative research process? The online workshops is presented through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard whatever platform is preferred. Questions can be asked in the chat or comments function and live questions are answered after each section.

Online workshops are available for the whole quantitative research process: research design(questionnaire validation and sample etc.), statistical analysis(the whole data analysis cycle), interpretation and write-up and more.  Look at the detail content of all the online workshops that can be delivered on your preferred  platform.

Request a quote:

Do you need a quote on a large quantitative research project, just request a quote at

All the quantitative research services conveniently at one place on the web: Liminal Research Consult – Quantitative research:

Enjoy the quantitative research journey!

Hennie Gerber

13 February 2021

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