New Online statistical analysis course for quantitative researchers using a questionnaire launch on the 29th of May

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Over the last 19 years of consultation working with quantitative researchers a lot asked me where do I begin?

This course will provide a road map by employing the data analysis cyle to analyse data obtained from a questionnaire. The course will take the researcher from the raw data through to the analyses and the results. This is done through theoretical lessons and then the practical application in the statistical package SPSS.

At this stage it must be pointed out that the questionnaire must be designed in the correct manner. So if the design is wrong there will be problems with the analysis, please refer to my online course: Quantitative Research Design for M&D studies: lessons from a Statistician for research design at the website:

Back to the statistical analysis course. In this course the data analysis cycle will be employed to analyse the data obtained from a questionnaire. The analysis will be done with an example questionnaire and dataset practically following the whole process in the statistical package SPSS.

For WHO is this course:
Quantitative reseachers using a questionnaire as research instrument wanting to learn how to do statistical analysis in the statistical package SPSS. You must have a licenced copy of SPSS loaded on your computer if you want to follow the practical lessons.

WHY this course:
To learn how to conduct statistical analyses in the correct manner, do questionnaire validation as well as testing the assumptions of the statistical techniques. This is all done practically with a statistical package SPSS.


What is the solution? A comprehensive statistical analysis course taking you from the raw data right through to the statistical analysis and results.

This online course is developed out of material that I used from 2008 to present workshops to various Universities mostly in South Africa. This material comes from more than 19 years of consultation experience as a Statistician working with, Masters and Doctoral students as well as Lecturers working with articles.

CONTENT of the course

  1. Orientation
    2. Data preparation
    3. Questionnaire validation
    4. Exploratory Data Analysis
    5. Statistical Analysis

The orientation will provide the backgroud to the study, questionnaire and dataset used as an example in the course as well as introduction to the statistical package and the data analysis cycle.

Data preparation will be about the data format, importing the data into the statistical package creating a database in the statistical package with labels as well as verification and cleaning of the data set.

Questionnaire validation will be about validation of the constructs in the scales with Exploratory Factor Analysis and testing reliability with the Cronbach Alpha Coefficient as well as creating construct scores.

Exploratory data analysis will consist of descriptive statistics, graphs for single variables and using graphs for representing relationships. The Box plot, Clustered Bar chart and scatter plot will be done. The section will end with tables.

The following statistical techniques will be employed: The Pearson Chi-square test, Correlation, Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression and Analysis of Variance(ANOVA).

There will be theoretical lessons and then practical application in the statistical package. The assumptions of all the statistical techniques will also be discussed.

As a special bonus, everyone who signs up for the course before the end of June will receive a 20% discount of the course price if you type in the coupon code: couponstatsjun20.

Please click on the following link if you want to have more information on the course

You can create a free account and preview some free lessons if you first want to get a feel of the course before you sign up.

This course will ensure that the statistical analysis is done correctly and effectively.

29 May 2020

Hennie Gerber

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